How to cite an essay

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The quotation is literally taken text from any source, whether it be at least a book or even someone’s speech.

Accordingly, quoting is the use of citations. Citing can be used in ordinary speech; it gives importance to what has been said and practically puts an end to attempts to disagree.

After all, few people will argue with the opinion of any reputable media or figures in a particular industry. But most often, of course, quoting is used when writing such works as essays and so on.

This is very useful, as it gives additional points and allows you to think less because in the quotation everything is formulated for you.

Another plus of quoting is that it helps to gain volume. Since in addition to your opinion, you are still writing someone else’s, but similar to yours. You write the same thing twice, but there will be no complaints about you.

Note that the dot is placed outside the quotation marks, but an exclamation and question mark is placed inside.

It happens that the quote must not be fully quoted. That is, either at the beginning, or in the middle, or at the end, there are unnecessary words that do not carry a semantic load. In this case, they should not be written.

You can also quote something as evidence of your point of view. Using quotes always puts you in a favorable position in the eyes of the reader. This creates an image of a well-read and educated person, and few can reproduce some statements from memory.

But the quotation is not all proof, and it is only a confirmation of the correctness of what you cite as evidence. Do not forget to say a few more words about your position beside the quote.

Do not use quoting too often. Two or three times is the maximum. And do not forget to give your opinion.

Citing is a very profitable technique. If writing quotes is applied in the right circumstances in accordance with the rules, you can get an extra two or three points and the interlocutor’s respect.