How to cite an article in an essay

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Quotes help the author to confirm or develop his thought and make the text more alive. In this article, we will figure out how to correctly take and issue a quote in your text.

What to take from the original

Cite a logically complete fragment. You can not break off the quote if, in abbreviated form, it changes the meaning.

What you need to check:

1. Is the quotation appropriate? You can not confirm your thought with a quote that contradicts it.

2. Does what has been said in the quotation coincide with the time to which it is given. It is impossible to bring words that were spoken a hundred years ago as an argument to the current state of affairs.

3. Does the meaning of the quotation coincide with the conclusions that the author makes based on it?

How to make a quote

The main rule for the design of quotes is that a reader must understand where it begins and ends. To do this, use quotes or editorial design techniques. Therefore, change the font style, highlighting color, typing on a plate or in a frame.

What punctuation marks to put

If the source of the quote ends with a period, then before your replica put a comma and a dash.

How to cut a quote

You can remove a few words or even sentences from a quotation if the author’s idea is not distorted. But it is important to warn the reader about this. In the place of the omitted words put ellipsis, and in the place of sentences, put an ellipsis in angle brackets. <…>

The ellipsis at the beginning of the phrase is written together with the following word.

How to make an explanation in the quote

If you need to make an explanation in the quote, for example, to decipher an abbreviation or pronoun, then it is written in brackets. If you quote the sentence not at first, then the quotation starts with a lowercase letter. If a quote is embedded in a sentence without a colon, then it begins with a lowercase letter, even if the beginning of the sentence is cited.