How to cite a website in an essay

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General citation guidelines:

  • Use only reliable sources of information (websites of official organizations, scientific and educational portals and sites, databases of scientific periodicals and books, media, etc.);
  • Links constitute both electronic resources in general (electronic documents, databases, portals, websites, etc.) and components of electronic resources (sections and parts of electronic records, websites, publications in electronic serials, etc.)
  • The link is given to a specific web page from which the material was taken, and not to the main page of the site.
  • When using resources, carefully review the material’s posting date to avoid quoting outdated data.
  • For remote access electronic resources, provide a note on the access mode, in which instead of the words “Access mode” (or their equivalent in another language), the abbreviation Uniform Resource Locator (Uniform Resource Locator) is used to designate an email address.
  • The date of access to the document is the date when the person linking opened the report, and this document was available. The date of circulation is required, it is given in parentheses, indicating the date, month, and year.
  • It is recommended to use square brackets, inside of which the document number from the list of references and indication of the page from which the quotation was taken.
  • The description of the document in the list of references may be in full or short form, depending on the purpose and the availability of bibliographic information in the text of the document.
  • The list of references does not include regulatory documents, statistical collections, archival materials, newspaper notes without specifying the author, links to sites without specifying specific material. References to such sources are given in footnotes.
  • The link can be active or not at the discretion of the author.
  • If you need to make an explanation in the quote, for example, to decipher an abbreviation or pronoun, then it is written in brackets. If you quote the sentence not at first, then the quotation starts with a lowercase letter. If a quote is embedded in a sentence without a colon, then it begins with a lowercase letter, even if the beginning of the sentence is cited.