How long should a college essay be

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An essay is a small volume of scientific work, which presents the author’s own opinion about something, supported by arguments of a theoretical or practical nature.

It is possible to consider an essay as a creative work, but this does not mean that there are no strict requirements for writing an essay. They relate to its structure, design, ways of presenting information, and criteria for evaluating the essay.

Recently, teachers have increasingly begun to ask to write an essay in the framework of the discipline. However, the increasing popularity of this type of student work does not force teachers to write clear requirements for an essay.

Moreover, each of them often has its own vision of how the work should be written, what volume and design are needed. We will try to describe here the most common requirements for writing an essay.

How to write an essay

The first and most important requirement when writing an essay is the relevance of the essay topic. Like any scientific work, it should be carried out on an actual topic, aiming at finding solutions to important problems of our time. The introduction contains a description of the importance of the selected topic. This description should not be too voluminous, 3-4 sentences are enough.

The text is written for any purpose, which is usually indicated in the introduction to each scientific work. In the case of an essay, it is necessary to put forward at the very beginning a certain hypothesis, which is planned to be proved or refuted. A single sentence is enough to indicate a hypothesis.

The most volumetric part of the work is the one where the thoughts of the author are stated. Consider the requirements that are put forward to it:

You must have your own opinion. It is not enough to simply analyze a situation, refer to the opinions of scientists and somehow summarize what is written. It is necessary to formulate your own vision of the problem. Do not forget that we must treat the writing of an essay as creative work. Therefore, as you can see, the essay is a small work, which size never exceeds 4 pages.