How long is an essay

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An essay is a small composition in which you must both show your knowledge of the chosen topic and show your ability to think and be logical.

Creating an essay is an extremely interesting and useful activity. The essay genre presupposes freedom of creativity. It allows the author to express thoughts in a free form, to express his point of view, to evaluate subjectively, to highlight the material in an original way. This is a reflection about what we heard, read, or experienced, sometimes it is a conversation out loud, an expression of emotions and imagery. The uniqueness of this genre is that it can be written on any topic and in any style.

The structural requirements for your work are:

1. Relevance.

Write about why you chose this particular topic Do not write too loud and unfounded statements. Clearly argue your opinion about why this topic is important for you, and your opinion why it is included in the program of studying the subject, and why it is relevant now.

Its size is 3-4 sentences.

2. The meaning of the statement.

Expand the meaning of your chosen statement. What do you think the author put into it? Perhaps, behind the chosen aphorism, several meanings and problems are hidden. Label them and select one about which you will talk further in the text.

Its size is 3-4 sentences.

3. Your position in relation to the statement.

Do you agree with it or disagree?

Its size is 1-2 sentences.

 4. The argumentation of your position.

Argue a position with examples from history, modernity or from your own life. The argument should be written in a strictly theoretical language using the conceptual apparatus (the terminological base on the topic).

Its size is 6-10 sentences.

5. The conclusion.

Sum up your work.

Its size is 2-3 sentences.

Registration of works

Requirements for registration of works are quite simple:

Usually, the size of the essay is one A4 sheet. The maximum amount possible is five sheets. The text is typed in Times New Roman, 14 sizes with 1.5 line spacing (one and a half).